Wednesday, September 23, 2015


I had a birthday, and it was great! Highlights of my day:

  • A visit from my awesome friend Sara, complete with a Nothing Bundt Cakes cake. 
  • Playgroup with dear friends at Chick-fil-A (also very dear to me).
    • Sidenote: watch this hilarious video that describes me and my friends pretty much perfectly. The husband in the video = Sam. 
  • A visit from my valiant visiting teachers,also complete with a Nothing Bundt Cakes cake (my friends know me so well)!
  • A super awesome nap for the girls and me (best birthday present they could give me).
  • Baking party with Clara. 
  • Qdoba picnic at the park. 
  • BYU brownies (made by Clara during said baking party).
  • Presents from Sam: new workout clothes, a cooking thermometer, and drumroll please........ a WHEAT GRINDER!!! Best gift. I cannot wait to use this beautiful machine and make delicious, nutritious bread for my family for the rest of our lives! 

Also as an added bonus, I snapped this adorable photo and my heart melted a little bit. 

I'm so lucky to have two sweet little girls and an amazing, loving, patient, kind husband. It might as well be my birthday every day!

Friday, September 18, 2015

Clara Sings, Jumps, Splits, Builds, and Puzzles

This blog is being resurrected! I needed somewhere to share favorite pictures and videos, musings of my mind, etc without feeling like I was over posting on Facebook or Instagram. I like blogging because I can get my thoughts down and nobody is obligated to read them, but those who are actually interested, have easy access! Based on my blogging track record, it may not last long. But based on the amount of blog-worthy content I have and anticipate having for the rest of my life, it will last forever! Here's to the latter becoming a reality.

To kickoff my comeback to the blogging world, here are 5 adorable videos (isn't 5 things Friday a thing??) taken of Clara in the last couple of weeks.