Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Our Tennis Baby

Last week Sam and I went to Grand Junction to play in the Taco Bell Western Slope Open Tennis Tournament. It's a very family friendly, fun tennis tournament that I played in pretty much every summer once I learned how to play tennis, so it was fun to take Sam back with me to play in it! Sam and I played mixed doubles, singles, and Sam and Brigham played doubles together as well. I also had a brother, sister, cousin, uncle, and many family friends playing in different events. Needless to say, Clara watched a LOT of tennis matches! Well, she actually mostly slept through them, but was definitely exposed to the magnificent sport.

I think she likes tennis.

At least she is pretending to like it to humor her mother and father.

I know what you are thinking. You are thinking, "They are brainwashing their child to love tennis!"

Well perhaps you are right.

But clearly she loves it too.

Can't wait to take her to the US Open in a month!

Oh ps: Sam and I won mixed doubles, and both of our singles divisions, Sam and Brig won the consolation bracket of their dubs division, AND the Daily Sentinel wrote an awesome (albeit very cheesy) article about yours truly that was featured on the front page of the sports section. Score!

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Clara's "Firsts" in the First Six Weeks

Clara has already done so many cool things in her short life! Here are a few, in no particular order: 

  • first hike

  • first family reunion

  • first manicure

  • first movie at the theaters

  • first ward potluck
  • first BBQ
  • first time going to church

  • first time hearing apostles speak
  • first road trip/vacation

  • first holiday (4th of July)
    • first fireworks show

  • first time miniature golfing

  • first softball game
  • first musical performance (The Sound of Music)
  • first baby shower
  • first doctors appointment
  • first time in a cave

  • first time watching a tennis match