Sunday, February 24, 2013

22 Weeks on 2/22

How Far Along: 22 weeks, 2 days

Size of Baby: At our last appointment (3 weeks ago) the baby weighed 10 oz. Right now, she probably weighs about 1 whole pound! How exciting!

Baby girl is about the length of a spaghetti squash (11 inches)

Total Weight Gain: 10 pounds. Keep em' coming!

Maternity Clothes: I still just wear a t-shirt and sweats for teaching PE everyday at Timpview High School, so those are regular clothes. I can physically still button all my pants... but it's not comfortable, so I usually don't! I've worn a couple of maternity shirts, but I feel like they don't quite fit yet, so I still wear normal shirts for the most part.

Gender: Girl girl girl! We found out about three weeks ago and couldn't be more happy! When we were told it was a girl, we just felt happy and really good like we knew all along that she was a girl (even though we really had no idea before we found out).

Movement: All the stinkin' time! I love it. It's incredible how much more real it feels now that I can feel (and see!) that tiny little human moving around inside of me. I already love her so much, and I tell myself that her frequent punches and kicks are her way of telling me she loves me too. :)

Sleep: I still wake up to use the bathroom once or twice. I'm getting used to sleeping on my side instead of my back which is good. For the most part, I don't have any sleeping issues yet!

What I Miss: Nothing! 

Cravings: Nothing really! I still eat goldfish a lot and oranges and apples are delicious, but I don't know if they are really "cravings." 

Aversions: onions still (but mostly just the smell of them- I can eat them just fine!)

Symptoms: stuffy nose at night time, not being able to bend over very well, slight "pregnancy brain" every now and then (forgetfulness)

Best Moment: When Sam felt the baby REALLY kick for the first time. He feels her kick all the time now, but the first time was a little bit magical. :) 

Overall, I'm doing well! Our baby girl is happy and healthy and we can't wait to meet her! 

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Halfway Already?

Ready for another update? My friend Sarah who is also pregnant does this really cute update every couple of weeks and I'm totally stealing her ideas. (Thanks Sarah!)

How Far Along: 19 weeks, 1 day (I CANNOT believe that I've almost reached the halfway point. Seriously, it blows my mind!)

Size of Baby: weighs 8.5 oz and measures about 6 inches from head to bottom (

About the size of a large heirloom tomato!
Total Weight Gain: 5 pounds. I lost quite a bit during my first trimester, so I've had some ground to make up.

Maternity Clothes: I made my first maternity purchase a week ago. Well actually Sam bought it for me as a "present." It's one of these nifty things. This makes it so I can still wear all my pants, but just unbutton them when they are feeling a little too tight. I also was getting excited to wear real maternity clothes, so I ordered some cute shirts and dresses (like this, this, and this) from Old Navy's maternity clearance section online. Can't wait to try them out! With my student teaching, I just wear a T-shirt and workout pants everyday, so generally speaking, I usually don't have much of a reason to wear maternity clothes yet.

Gender: We find out in 2 days! I still have no idea- I want it to be a girl, but the last couple of days I've been thinking boy. Sam said something real sweet the other night when we were talking about it. He said, "I think a boy would just be so fun, but I think if we had a girl she would just melt my heart."

Movement: Definitely yes! I've felt some little kicks or punches, usually when I'm lying down right before bed or right when I wake up. It's the coolest feeling ever! I still don't feel or see much on the outside, so Sam has yet to feel baby move, but I don't think it will be too long before that happens.

Sleep: In general I sleep pretty good at night. I still wake up once or twice to use the bathroom. At first that really annoyed me, but I'm pretty used to it by now. Recently I have been trying to consciously sleep on my side because I've read all these articles about how when you lie on your back, the increased weight of your uterus presses on the major vein that returns blood from your legs to your heart and so on. Anyway, so I wake up several times a night to find myself on my back and then I re position to my side. I'm also a big fan of naps, though they don't always happen. 

What I Miss: Related to the above post, the only thing I REALLY miss, is not sleeping all the way through the night. 

Cravings: J-dawgs, Panda Express, and goldfish are a few of the most recent cravings. 

Aversions: onions- big time. 

Symptoms: stuffy nose at night time, achy back, and occasional heart burn (specifically when I eat meat).

Best Moment: I don't know if this really counts as a pregnancy moment, but Sam and I played in an intramural mixed doubles tennis tournament this past week. We won the first two matches (we played awful, but barely won) and then we played this really good team in the final and won again! (We played a million times better than we had in the first two). Anyway, the way that we were able to stay pumped up and positive during the final was to say "this one's for the baby" between pretty much every point. :) We decided we are going to design our own onesie with this year's intramural champion design on it since we couldn't have done it without the help of our little one keeping us pumped up. :-)  

19 weeks

And there you have it! I think people still don't really notice I'm pregnant unless they already know I am, but I'm sure the time will come when I'll feel too huge to do anything, and I'll be reminiscing about the time when I "wanted to look more pregnant." Haha!