Sunday, April 7, 2013

Welcome to the Third Trimester!

How Far Along: 28 weeks, 2 days

Size of Baby: 2 and a quarter lbs (wow!) and about 14.8 inches long

According to, our baby weighs about the same as a chinese cabbage. :) 

Total Weight Gain: 17 pounds.

Maternity Clothes: I hate spending on money on clothes for myself, but I definitely need to invest in some more maternity clothes. I can still get away with wearing most of the items in my wardrobe, but not without a little bit of discomfort. 

Movement: She is getting bigger, and so her kicks and punches are more frequently becoming body rolls and somersaults. I'm enjoying watching my belly dance around with no effort at all on my end. :) 

Sleep: Still sleeping pretty great through the nights! Besides the few trips I have to take to the bathroom each night, the only thing that wakes me up lately has been my dang allergies, which is not baby related. 

What I Miss: Still miss my non-compressed, regular sized bladder! (and probably will all the way until the baby is born) 

Symptoms: tiredness, my jaw hurts sometimes (someone told me it is because i'm giving a lot of my daily calcium intake to the baby right now, so my bones are a little bit weaker), 

Best Moment: There have been a few in the past two weeks: 

One was setting up her baby bed. I've been looking on ksl classifieds and craigslist for the past few months to find a good bassinet to use, and I finally found one that seemed perfect. It's a Pack n' play that has a bassinet attachment, so after we are done using it for the bassinet, it will come in handy for traveling and such. We set it up to see how it looked, and we loved it! It's so fun having a baby bed in our room now. Even though she won't be here for another couple of months, we will probably leave it up since it is so fun to look at. :) 

complete with a changing table, diaper storage thing, and mobile (with nothing on it, haha)

Another highlight of this week was winning another intramural championship at more than six months pregnant. :) This time it was wallyball with Sam and our friends Heath and Anika (who is also pregnant and due just a few weeks after me). We always joked that we had an unfair advantage because it was always 6 vs. 4. Maybe we were right! 

sorry the pic is a little blurry, but you get the idea! 
Our baby girl has also received a few gifts already from friends and family members. We're glad we are not the only ones so excited for her entrance into the world! 

Thanks mom and Maddy for the cute clothes! 

The adorable quilt given to us by Grandma Groberg. 

Overall, things are going just dandy! I feel like I'm getting closer to the uncomfortable stage of pregnancy, where the bump gets in the way a lot more than before. But for now, I'm feeling great, Sam's feeling great, and judging by her constant movement, our baby girl is doing great too! 

28 weeks
28 weeks, 2 days

Oh and I almost forgot- we've decided on a name for our baby girl! The Powell's were in town for Sam's final orchestra concert and after giving them way too many clues, they guessed it right, so we figured we might as well share it with everybody now. Her name will be... 

Clara Elisabeth Powell

The middle name is technically still subject to change, but we are sure about the first name, and pretty sure about the middle name. We really liked the name from the beginning, but since we have used that name to refer to her for the past two months, we've come to love it even more! Somehow it already fits her personality so perfectly. We can't wait to meet our little Clara girl! :-)