Sunday, January 8, 2012

Sophie Snow Powell

That's the name we've decided on.  Sophie, because it matches her personality; Snow, because it was snowing the day she was born; and Powell, because she's our little baby.

Actually she's not really so little.  She's is about 61 inches tall and weighs roughly 80 lbs.  Her arms are as long as mine and her hair is stacked up in neat buns on top of her head.  She is such a joy in our lives as we see her big green eyes and bright red smile beaming at us from the back yard.

Oh yeah, we keep her out in the back yard - we just don't have anywhere else for her to sleep.  She doesn't have any legs either, so hopefully it's not too cold for her since she can't really go anywhere to warm herself up.  I guess if she gets too hungry when we're away she can just eat her nose - it's made of a carrot.  For dessert she can eat her mouth - it's made of red fruit loops.  If she's bored she can pull out her eyes and juggle or play tennis.  But don't worry, she'll still look as cute as ever with her rainbow scarf, beanie hat and gloves!  And we will always love her no matter what!

We had a lot of fun building her yesterday and we just wanted to share her with you all so you can see how happy she is to be alive!  We are so proud of Sophie Powell, our little SnowGirl!