Monday, January 14, 2013

Teeny Tiny Baby Bump

That's right people, I finally am starting to look pregnant. By request from my sister Cammie, here is a picture of what I look like. Granted, I took this picture after eating dinner and was maybe puffing out my tummy a tiny bit, but still... there is no denying that there is a tiny avocado-sized human being growing inside of me.

16 weeks 3 days

Three weeks from today, we will find out if it is a girl baby or a boy baby. Lots of people ask me what I am hoping for. I think secretly I am hoping for a girl, but deep down it just doesn't matter! I'll be oh so happy no matter what. I haven't had any "premonitions" like some people do, of what it will be, so I'll be surprised and overjoyed either way!

Common questions people have asked me:
1.) Will you find out the gender? -yes, read above paragraph!

2.) Do you have names picked out? -kind of, but not really. Once we know the gender, it will be easier to pick out names. It is yet to be determined when we will share our choice with the rest of the world.

3.) Have you felt the baby move yet? -ish. I'm like 97% sure I felt him/her move a few nights ago when I was lying in bed, but it might just be in my head. Still don't feel it consistently, that's for sure.

4.) How do you feel? -good most of the time. The first three months were pretty yucky, but I'm over it and starting to feel much much better! I'm occasionally plagued with random bouts of headaches, tiredness, heartburn, abdominal pains, etc. but for the most part I am healthy and happy!

5.) Do you have any weird cravings? -no not really. I kind of wish I did, because there is no better excuse for eating absurd/unhealthy/expensive food right?  But it just hasn't happened yet. Mostly I just have aversions to food that I normally would like. For example, pb&j is no longer a lunch staple, because it makes me nauseous. Maybe the fun cravings will come later?

6.) When are you due? -June 28th

Anyway, I think those are all the most commonly asked questions. I can't believe I am already so close to the half way mark! With student teaching this semester, I have a feeling these next four months are going to fly by so fast and then it'll be no time before this sweet little baby is in my arms! I can't wait to be a mommy!