Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Film on the Rocks

Last night Sam and I enjoyed another of Denver's endless forms of family entertainment. We went to the Red Rocks amphitheater, a huge outside theater right smack dab in the middle of the giant red rocks. The drive was so beautiful with the green mountains looming nearer, then all of a sudden the mountains were red! It reminded me of Grand Junction and was such a pretty little drive!

A lot of events are held here during the summer, including Film on the Rocks. Every other Monday they play a movie on the giant screen and tons of people come to watch! The movie that played last night was "ET." A movie that I hadn't seen for years! What a classic! I had vague memories of watching it when I was young at my grandma and grandpa Davis' house and feeling cool that I got to watch a big kid movie, so apart from being a great movie, it brought back some good memories. It rained for a while before the movie actually started, but it was still really fun. I was pretty impressed that the amphitheater stayed completely full even though rain is generally a setback for these kind of events. I guess in Colorado the weather is just part of the experience.

I saw a lot of people whip out their cameras to take a picture of the screen during the classic "Elliot  and ET riding his bike through the sky in front of the giant moon" part. I wish I would have thought of that, but alas, we just got pictures before the movie started. Anyway, it was a really fun date night and is definitely a place that I would bring my family back to someday in the future.

Friday, July 13, 2012

Summer Update (Mostly in Pictures...)

  • Played in 26 intramural games (Ultimate Frisbee, Kickball, Soccer, and Men's and Women's Softball)
  • Took 9 exams
  • Traveled to Grand Junction and listened to Amazing Emma give her valedictorian speech
  • Went to a BYU Baseball game
  • Traveled to Price for Olivia Powell's baptism
  • Began training for a marathon

We had a blast playing on our different intramural sports teams. Many of the teams were made up of the same people, but this is a picture of our Ultimate Frisbee team.

  • Ran approximately 60 miles each 
  • Moved to Centennial, Colorado
  • Started an Accounting internship with Ernst and Young (Sam)
  • Went to Elitch Gardens
  • Watched the Rockies beat the Padres at Coors Field
  • Watched an AMAZING fireworks show from the Rockies field

Our first amusement park together! Lots of dizzy dizzy roller coasters! 

Waiting in line for Disaster Canyon so we could get wet and cool off  in the 100 degree weather!

From our seats in left field

From the field! 

  • Started working at Woody Creek Bakery and Cafe (Elise)
  • Watched a lot of Wimbeldon
  • Drove to Idaho for a Groberg Family reunion (also Elise's first time in Idaho)
  • Ran some more
  • Played Chutes and Ladders, Disney Trivia, and Brainquest (Trivia for 1-6 graders)
My first impression of Idaho was most delightful! 
The AWESOME cabin that we stayed in for the reunion. There is a giant slide next to those red stairs that goes all the way from the top to the bottom! It was huge!! 

Frisbee golf, volleyball, swings, outdoor bowling, hikes, board games, card games, and eating ice cream were among many of the activities that took place. 

July has many more memories waiting to be made so maybe you'll hear about them sometime in... September-ish? Or maybe I'll be a better blogger and I'll keep you up to speed in real time. I guess you'll just have to wait to find out! :-)