Wednesday, September 23, 2015


I had a birthday, and it was great! Highlights of my day:

  • A visit from my awesome friend Sara, complete with a Nothing Bundt Cakes cake. 
  • Playgroup with dear friends at Chick-fil-A (also very dear to me).
    • Sidenote: watch this hilarious video that describes me and my friends pretty much perfectly. The husband in the video = Sam. 
  • A visit from my valiant visiting teachers,also complete with a Nothing Bundt Cakes cake (my friends know me so well)!
  • A super awesome nap for the girls and me (best birthday present they could give me).
  • Baking party with Clara. 
  • Qdoba picnic at the park. 
  • BYU brownies (made by Clara during said baking party).
  • Presents from Sam: new workout clothes, a cooking thermometer, and drumroll please........ a WHEAT GRINDER!!! Best gift. I cannot wait to use this beautiful machine and make delicious, nutritious bread for my family for the rest of our lives! 

Also as an added bonus, I snapped this adorable photo and my heart melted a little bit. 

I'm so lucky to have two sweet little girls and an amazing, loving, patient, kind husband. It might as well be my birthday every day!

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